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Notre Dame Cathedral Guided Tour
1 Hour Tour • Guided Visit • Instant Confirmation • 1 Hour
  • Discover the incredible design and architecture of the Notre Dame, a structure that has been an integral part of France's history and culture with a professional, knowledgeable guide.
  • Your friendly English speaking guide will give you fascinating insight into the history and provenance of this cathedral and point out gorgeous architectural details like the stained glass windows that make the church unique.
  • Enjoy the benefits of instant confirmation of your reservation along with mobile tickets, allowing you to a have an enjoyable and stress free visit to this iconic landmark!
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Notre Dame Cathedral with Audio Guide
Priority Access • Multilingual Audioguide • Self Guided Walking Tour • 2 Hours
  • Visit this breathtaking cathedral, synonymous with the capital city itself and one of France's most iconic landmarks!
  • With an audio guide, listen to commentary giving you insight into the history of the monument and understand its cultural impact on Paris and France itself.
  • Admire the beautiful architecture and design of the structure, not to mention its many stained glass windows before you conclude your visit to explore the Latin Quarters that encircle the region.
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Notre Dame Cathedral Tour with Tower Access
Guided Visit • Tower Access • Instant Confirmation • 1 Hour
  • Please Note: This tour lets you skip the ticket line at the Cathedral Tower Reception desk. It is mandatory to purchase entry tickets to the tower at the venue for 10 Euros per ticket as part of this tour.
  • Visit the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with a complete tour of its luxurious interiors after admiring the majestically intricate exterior of the church, that too with the services of a professional guide!
  • Learn about the deep rooted history of the structure as well as other tales associated with its provenance as you admire the length and breadth of one of the most iconic cathedrals in Europe.
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Skip the line Notre Dame & Tower Climb, Sainte Chapelle, & Marie Antoinette’s Prison Cell
M-tickets • Guided Visit • Tower Climb • 3 Hours
  • With live commentary from a local guide, enjoy fascinating stories about the tiny island of Ile de la Cite that are worthy of a novel.
  • Explore the world-renowned Notre Dame Cathedral and its numerous sights!
  • Enjoy a skip the line entry to the stunning Sainte Chapelle, and witness one of the greatest collections of stained glass artwork in the world!
  • Visit the prison cell that Marie Antoinette spent her last days in, at the La Conciergerie.
  • Climb the towers of the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral on your own with your pre-purchased tickets!
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Notre Dame Towers (Skip The Ticketing Line) & Ile de le Cite Tour with Host
Priority Access • Guided Visit • Tower Access • Walking Tour • Flexible Hours
  • Discover one of the greatest examples of French Gothic architecture, as you set about on a tour of the historic Notre Dame cathedral that will give you a chance to visit the towers of the church which offer unparalleled views of the city of love.
  • Stroll around the Ile de la Cite with your professional and friendly tour guide, and get a brief tour of the picturesque landscape of the literal heart of Paris, the setting of tales both told and untold!
  • With a professional guide conducting the tour and the convenience of instant confirmation upon booking, this truly is the best way to experience this part of the city!
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Notre Dame Cathedral Tour & Sainte-Chapelle Tickets
Priority Access • Guided Visit • Instant Confirmation • 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Explore the Ile de la Cite, the very heart of the city, as you stroll around the island's picturesque avenues with commentary from an expert local guide.
  • Witness the legendary Notre Dame, immortalized in several literary works and media, and savor this incredible feat of engineering, complete with over 6500 sq ft of stained glass.
  • Skip the long queues to enter into the Sainte-Chapelle, and see it's incredible architecture and artworks firsthand and intimately with a small group of 25.
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Explore Notre Dame


Built atop the Île de la Cité, one of the last two remaining natural islands in the Seine River, the Notre Dame Cathedral has become one of the most iconic monuments in the world. It is not just a place of worship, as evidenced by the droves of tourists from around the world who flock to marvel at the monument centuries after it was constructed. The cathedral is the epitome of French Gothic Architecture, and has remained a glowing testament to the skill of medieval European artists and architects. From the exquisite Rose Windows to the Great Organ, the Notre Dame Cathedral is unparalleled in its architectural elegance and artistic beauty.

Why Visit Notre Dame Cathedral ?

In 1160, when Bishop Maurice de Sully declared that the St. Stephen’s Cathedral would be torn down and replaced by the Notre Dame de Paris, few expected the new building to rank amongst the world’s greatest cathedrals. Three years after the demolition of the old Cathedral, construction of the Notre Dame (Our Lady of Paris) began in earnest. Although Bishop Maurice died in 1196, the construction of the cathedral continued for another 150 years. It took four different chief architects over the course of nearly two centuries to complete the monument. The cathedral was restored after it was partially ruined by revolutionaries in the last decade of the 18th century.

The cathedral dared to incorporate relatively unexplored engineering concepts and combined it with breathtakingly ornate Gothic artistry. Regardless of whether you simply choose to admire the exteriors of this magnificent monument or explore its interiors, the Notre Dame is a must-see if you are visiting Paris.

The Highlights of Notre Dame

The Architecture

The architects of the Notre Dame de Paris ventured into unexplored aspects of design in the medieval era. It was one of the first Gothic monuments to use the ingenious ‘flying buttress’ to support the exterior walls. There are numerous individually carved statues that surround the cathedral. Each of these statues serves a specific purpose, like supporting the columns or acting as a water spout.

Regarded as “a pure creation of the spirit” by Le Corbusier, the West Facade of the Notre Dame is amongst the greatest architectural masterpieces in Europe. Each of the three portals (Portal of the Last Judgement, Portal of the Virgin, and Portal of St. Anne) are intricately decorated and serve as symbolic depictions of important ideas in Christianity.

The Towers

If you love sweeping views of city skylines, the towers of Notre Dame will not disappoint you. Climbing the spiral staircase that consists of 387 steps will bring you to the top of the tower. From here, you can see many of Paris’ famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Pantheon. The Gargoyles and chimera statues, which are said to protect the cathedral from evil spirits, are a hauntingly beautiful sight at the top of the tower. You can also stop by the belfry that houses Emmanuel, the largest of the cathedral’s ten bells.

The Interiors

Your eyes will be glued to the enormous vaulted ceiling and the stained glass rose windows as you enter the Notre Dame. To say that the interiors of the cathedral are stunning would be an understatement. The sculptures and artwork are clearly inspired by naturalism, and the ribbed vault and flying buttress speak volumes of the skill and engineering prowess of the architects and builders. The three rose windows on the north, south, and west sides of the Notre Dame have survived for over 7 centuries, and still remain one of the most fascinating aspects of the interiors of the cathedral. The treasury of Notre Dame holds invaluable manuscripts, chalices, and even the coronation robe of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Crypt

Situated directly under the square before Notre Dame, the crypt is a mysterious chamber below the monument. It houses historical remains that archaeologists consider crucial to the comprehensive understanding of the history of the monument and Paris in general. It is maintained by the Musée Carnavalet and features many intricate architectural models representing the evolution of architecture over the centuries. The underfloor heating that was installed during the era of Roman occupation is still noticeable to this day.

The Organ

The organ of the Notre Dame, which was first built by Friedrich Schambantz in 1403, evolved with the cathedral itself. It was replaced or remodelled several times by the likes of Francois Thierry, Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, and Charles Mutin in different eras of French history. The stop knobs, pedals, and manual keyboards were upgraded quite recently in 1992. The organ that can be seen in the cathedral today has a staggering 8000 pipes and 115 stops!

Amazing Facts about Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame trumps the Eiffel Tower in the number of visitors it receives each year. The number hovers around a whopping 13 million.

During the French Revolution, many of the Notre Dame’s structures were demolished. The great bell Emmanuel, however, was considered far too precious and magnificent to melt down.

The Great Organ in the cathedral has five keyboards and 8000 pipes, making it the largest organ in France!

The Crown of Thorns, widely considered to be one of the most important Christian artifacts, is kept in the Notre Dame.